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The challenges facing CEOs of nonprofit organizations and their boards of directors only continue to increase. Perhaps you and your organization are struggling with issues that threaten the continuation of your important work: financial sustainability, high employee turnover, board governance conflicts, slippage of program quality, leadership development, negative corporate culture, and personal or professional challenges.

Perhaps your board of directors – although comprised of people who love the mission – lacks the background, knowledge, expertise or diversity to provide the kind of governance support every high quality nonprofit organization needs. If your board is ineffective or dysfunctional,You may be nice people, but you are hurting your organization.

Learn how I can work with your board to improve knowledge, and gain greater understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Perhaps your organization has been performing very well and has been blessed with excellent executive leadership. You realize, however, that the organization is vulnerable from the standpoint that if your CEO was suddenly gone, a huge leadership vacuum would be created. You may have a rock-star leader, but you have no replacement in the wings. 

I can help you develop an effective succession plan to minimize the impact of losing your CEO.

The reasons for this are many. Certainly, personal challenges and professional limitations of the CEO are huge factors.  If you are a CEO and things feel like they are spinning out of control and that your world is about to come crashing down, You may be a good person, but you are going to hurt people.

I definitely can help you avoid a personal and professional disaster. 

Regardless of the challenges facing your organization, the CEO must work with his or her board to address and overcome barriers that keep the organization from moving forward. If you don’t, You may have a noble mission, but you are going to fail. 

Learn how to avoid demise by strategizing and organizing to achieve your organization’s preferred future.

OK, so the worst has happened. You’ve lost your CEO, and you don’t have an internal solution. 

I can provide interim CEO leadership so you can gain some breathing room to conduct a search for the next CEO.

Considering possible futures might lead you to look beyond your current service area and to think about collaborating with partners in foreign countries. As the world becomes more closely interconnected through technology, opportunities to do good work in the world are expanding. The scope of your mission is local, but the world is waiting for you. 

Learn how to build collaborative relationships with NGOs in other countries.

Even in organizations that are doing really great work, the unforeseen can happen which threatens its viability and reputation. Trying to anticipate the possible threats to the organization and mitigating the risk is an essential function of leadership. If you lack the systems and processes to manage and mitigate risk, You’ve thought things through, but you may still be setting yourself up for disaster. 

Read more about how I can help you develop and implement an effective risk management program.

Your organization may be doing really great things to meet human needs in the current environment, but you sense that society and its needs are shifting. You may feel uncertain about how to position your organization for its preferred future – one that capitalizes on emerging needs and opportunities. But you may lack the planning processes to guide your organization toward its preferred future. As Benjamin Franklin said, If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. 

Learn how to create your preferred future by having the appropriate strategic plans.

Regardless of the size of your organization, today’s economy makes sustainability a challenge. Most social service organizations which depend on diminishing government funding and scarce charitable donations face significant financial challenges. Finding ways to expand mission while reducing costs is increasingly impossible without working collaboratively with others in your field. Your organization does great things, but it isn’t sustainable.

I can help you engage potential strategic partners to achieve the collaboration essential to continuing your mission.

Do These Sound Familiar?

If you think I can help you address any or all of these challenges and to achieve the future you would prefer to have for yourself and your organization, give me a call or send me an email. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how your needs and my skills, experience and resources might intersect to help support you and your organization. Your inquiry and any subsequent communication will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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