For Success

For Success

It's All About Successful Leadership

Sustaining the Mission

  • Successful Board Growth

    In an environment of shrinking resources, making sure that your organization continues to thrive is of paramount importance.

    Mitigating risk, ensuring financial stability, forming strategic partnerships, maintaining quality standards, effective execution of strategies, and remaining nimble enough to respond to emerging conditions are all needed to make sure you remain strong.

    Are you concerned about the sustainability of your organization in an uncertain future?

    I can provide the consulting support you need to grow and sustain your mission. 

Let's Set Up Your Board For Success

Planning Your Preferred Future

  • Truly Successful Leadership

    You have a great mission and you are doing a lot of good in the world, but it is difficult for you to see what your organization is going to look like in the future. Is the mission going to change? Who will lead it? Who will support it? In short, it lacks a vision and the plans to achieve that preferred future.

    Perhaps you have been drifting a bit off your desired path, struggling with something personal? Now is the time to get the professional support you need to be a truly amazing leader.

    I can provide the consulting you need to develop a vision for the future. 

Let's Map Out Your Preferred Future

What Clients said

  • “As always, you did an outstanding job with the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce strategic thinking meeting last week… Your insight into non-profits certainly gave us the push we needed to think long and hard about our organization and where we need to be in the future.”             

    Sharon Scaccia Executive Director, West Suburban Chamber of Commerce, Wauwatosa, WI
    Sharon Scaccia
  • “I have worked with John in several different settings. I served as a consultant to him when he was CEO with Bethesda [Lutheran Communities]. He has done some executive coaching and teaching with CEOs in our MHS network. John is a seasoned executive. He has a strategic orientation. He understands the need to build the leadership capacities of senior leadership and boards. He is warm-hearted, intuitive, and perceptive.”

    Rick Stiffney President and CEO, Mennonite Health Services
    Rick Stiffney
  • “I have experienced the positive impact of John’s leadership working with boards, both when he served as chairman and as an active board member.  One of John’s gifts is the ability to synthesize complex issues into actionable steps that benefit organizations undergoing transformational change.”

    Linda Timmons President and CEO, Mosaic
    Linda Timmons

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