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Your Board Is Hurting

  • Board Challenges

    Every board can operate more efficiently, have better strategic plans, and possess clearer governance models. Some boards are aware of where they can grow. Some aren’t.

    Regardless of which type of board you are on, your future needs to be meticulously planned and crystal clear to everyone in the organization. But often times one or more individuals, or outdated governance models, may be holding your organization back from truly achieving your mission.

    Do you and your board struggle with direction, planning, execution?

    I can provide the consulting you need to help get your board back on track. 

Let's Talk About How I Can Help Your Board

Your CEO needs help

  • Leadership Challenges

    Something isn’t right. You may know exactly what it is, you may not be able to pinpoint the cause. But the man or woman in charge of your organization is struggling big time.

    It would be a personal issue that leaves your CEO feeling isolated. It could be that they have one foot out the door. Whatever the reason, you need to understand what’s going on and get someone on the outside to provide support and assistance.

    Does your board struggle with a current executive – be it for leadership, personal, or performance issues?

    I can provide the consulting you need to address these, and many other issues that boards face. 

We Probably Need To Sit Down With Your CEO

What Clients said

  • “As always, you did an outstanding job with the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce strategic thinking meeting last week… Your insight into non-profits certainly gave us the push we needed to think long and hard about our organization and where we need to be in the future.”             

    Sharon Scaccia Executive Director, West Suburban Chamber of Commerce, Wauwatosa, WI
    Sharon Scaccia
  • “I have worked with John in several different settings. I served as a consultant to him when he was CEO with Bethesda [Lutheran Communities]. He has done some executive coaching and teaching with CEOs in our MHS network. John is a seasoned executive. He has a strategic orientation. He understands the need to build the leadership capacities of senior leadership and boards. He is warm-hearted, intuitive, and perceptive.”

    Rick Stiffney President and CEO, Mennonite Health Services
    Rick Stiffney
  • “I have experienced the positive impact of John’s leadership working with boards, both when he served as chairman and as an active board member.  One of John’s gifts is the ability to synthesize complex issues into actionable steps that benefit organizations undergoing transformational change.”

    Linda Timmons President and CEO, Mosaic
    Linda Timmons

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