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    For Boards

    Volunteer boards face huge challenges getting the right mix of talent, achieving ideal training and development, and adopting appropriate governance models. Let’s start addressing your leadership challenges.

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    For CEOs

    Every chief executive officer wants the best possible future for the organization they lead. Every CEO needs the proper support – they are humans with human limitations, often more so exposed because of their unique positions of leadership.

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    For Success

    You know the keys to a successful future – so let’s start making sure that financial sustainability, board governance, program quality, leadership development and succession, etc. are what you actually achieve.

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Consulting Services

  • Board Development

    Board retreats and workshops, executive coaching on working with boards, board effectiveness evaluation, and consulting around best practices in non-profit governance.

  • Organizational Development

    Board and staff retreats and workshops for visioning and strategic planning, risk assessment and mitigation strategies, strategic partnerships, and organizational redesign.

  • CEO Support

    Consulting with Boards to find ways to rescue otherwise effective leaders, develop appropriate policies, design and implement “prewhistleblower” reporting systems for anonymous warning of consequences of dangerous behaviors, structure sabbaticals with a personal development emphasis, develop counseling plans, support boards and executives with systems of recovery, advice and counsel related to exit and separation strategies when needed.

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About Me

John E. Bauer Consulting, LLC, is a practice I established for the purpose of providing support and resources to chief executive officers and boards of directors of nonprofit organizations. My entire 40 year career was spent in the nonprofit world and I have experienced life on both sides of the board room table – as the chairman of numerous local, regional and national boards of directors, but also as the president and chief executive officer of a large, national human service organization serving people with developmental disabilities.

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